TAIM Process Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industry

Customer Service, Training, Validation, Spare Part Service. TAIM aims for a high Standard in an after-sale technical assistance. From designing to production, our key concept translates itself into flexibility.


How to Do's

TAIM is structured so to be able to stay always at the Client’s service in order to ensure an inconditionate assistance to our production equipment. Our goal is always to keep high the efficiency and therefore the quality of our machines and plants installed at our Client’s production sites.

Some points deserve to be looked at closely!

Our process production equipment together with appropriate technologies, can implement a remote monitoring system, so that the assistance service can view the status of the production system “in real time” and easily identify the solution to possible circumstances; all this avoiding direct access to the customer’s corporate network, where the machine is located, thanks to a technology that uses the exchange of identity through certificates.

TAIM provides dedicated training sessions at the Client’s site, during start up activities and this in the desired language. The training sessions cover all mechanical, electrical and software issues that the operators need to be aware of. Our team organizes also a direct assistance at the trials of the first production processes. If demanded, a specialist in pharmaceutical production can assist, who can help implement and tune in the production recipe and process.

Our technical department can interfere on any type of revamping of obolete equipments or parts of them. A freshning up of the equipement can can be related to instrumental, mechanical, electronic parts and components, like also on the control systems.

In agreement with the Client, we establish a Preventive Maintenance Contract, which considers a continuous maintenance activity on the equipment, carried out by TAIM’s technical team.

TAIM has its own Commissioning & Validation Department, which organizes all aspects related to Quality.


Mechanical & electrical installation


Release of the validation protocols, site test execution and validation reports

Installation Qualification (IQ)

Operational Qualification (OQ)

Performance Qualification (PQ)

Process Validation (PV)

Calibration of all installed instruments

Computerized control system validation as per GAMP and 21cfr part.11 requirements

Training program of the Client’s personnel in the desired language, with release of a training certificate

Management of any technical request

Modification of parts of machines to better align to the Customer’s process needs

Our After Sales Service aims exactly to assist our Clients on various issues

all machine and product system

TAIM Quality Department

For each machine and product system the Quality Department takes care of the following activities

  • Preparation of technical documentation, in collaboration with the technical office
  • Preparation of qualification protocols (FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ)
  • Tests and internal qualifications of machines and plants
  • Validation of machines and systems after installation and commissioning, in collaboration with customers
  • Training
  • Process alignment assistance
  • Certification
  • Support for the commissioning of plants


The Quality department also takes care of all environmental issues, like Waste Management, Safety and Internal Operating Procedures.