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TCOATER - Coating Machine

Construction Features

The machine’s support structure is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304. In the opening chamber, there is the perforated drum. This chamber wraps the drum by separating it from the rest of the machine and not allowing this way any possibile contamination of the tablets in case of contact with the outherside.

Beyond the drum of the opening chamber, the blowing openings and suction of the process air are present, and the prior manhole through which a direct access to the drum is installed. In the downward part of the opening chamber, there is a discharge with a bottom valve, pneumatically controlled, to allow drainage of water after all cleaning activities.

To inspection the drum and the opening chamber two large doors are present, mounted in lateral position. Complete closure of the door is guaranteed by the presence of inflatable seals in silicone FDA approved.

In the rear part of the machine there is the techni- cal zone. It houses all major units that guarantee a correct operation of the machine. The technical zone is accessibile by a comfortable door which allows an equal access for all maintenance.

Product charging & discharging

The coating machine’s loading and unloading is done manually and automatically on the front side, in the production area. The system is so constructed as to ensure both manual as automatic easy cleaning.


TAIM’s coating machine TCoater, conceived for coating of tablets, is a complete functional unit consisting of a processing unit, an air treatment unit for inlet and exhaust air, a control unit.

The dimensions of the equipment are designed to meet the constraints and dimensions of the premises where the equipment will be installed.

Perforated Drum

The particularity of TAIM’s Coater must be un- derligned and that is the perforated drum. In fact, the particular punctures and flares provide high performance of filming / coating the tablets.

The perforated drum combines maximum spray rates and short process times. The horizontal process air flow minimizes turbulence in the nozzle area and therefore also contributes to a perfect coating result. The drum is integrated in the unique housing, where all points are easy accessible.

Processing Unit

The drum is formed with two tapered side por- tions and a central cylindrical part (perforated). The drum is of the puncture and widening type, not only to ensure the passage of air inside the drum and therefore in the bed of tablets, but also the perfect transmission of air by flare. Inside, baffles are installed that determine the rotation of the tablets, and thus a homogeneous and uni- form motion of the bed, which in its turn ensures an optimum coating.

Sprayings system for coating liquid

The nozzles are installed on the spraying arm, which is centrally positionned in the drum, through an opening in the access door. The dis- tance of the bed of tablets is adjustable.

Air treatment unit

The air for processing comes from the Unit for the treatment of air and is conducted by a piping made of stainless steel AISI 316L. The air passes through the bed of tablets, passing the perforated drum.

The air inlet unit is designed with a double wall structure with complete isolation. The pre-filter is G4 (EN 779), the filters are F9 + Hepa H13. The temperature is 15-80°C, the air flow is from 0 to 500 Nm3/h. 

The system is also equipped with a blowing fan with regulating system, steam heating coils with temperature control valve, water dehumidification section with a condensate collector, air speed indicators and differential pressure across the coating machine, differential pressure gauges for measuring the crushing of all filters, manometers for differential pressure in order to measure the obstruction of the filters.

Electricity Outages

In case of power failure, the system is program- med so to protect the product against any risk of damage waiting for the resolution of the problem. The equipment stops automatically in a “safe” mode ensuring the continuity of the process.

Functioning & Process Monitoring

The TCoater’s software is conceived according the FDA CFR 21, part 11 regulations in a parametric, simple and intuitive application with GAMP guidelines, implemented with a SCADA functionality including process graphics with industrial standards.The software and hardware for the machine’s control system is created in-house. This results in a high degree of flexibility for personal requirements.

The steps of coating are controlled using sensors. All information is viewed and recorded from the central unit development and is made available each time to the operator.


There is the possibility of installing a proprietary server that allows TAIM technicians to connect to the system at any time with the Customer’s authorization.

The system is always ready for remote assistance through a SIEMENS SCALANCE router that connects to one of the dedicated TAIM Linux 24h servers. It is therefore sufficient to have an Internet connection on the system to be able to intervene in case of need.

Tailormade execution

All specific needed accessories or handling equipment, needed for a correct functioning of the coating process, is also supplied by TAIM, such as liquid dissolvers, transferring pumps, etc.

Solid Orals Sector


The central part of the machine is formed of the granulate container with a conical shape. In its interior it contains the product to be dehydrated.

THSM is available both in the laboratory version with a capacity of 20 liters and in versions up to 250 liters, THSM it is a real jewel all in one.

The TMILL oscillating mill is particularly suitable for processing both wet and thermo sensitive dry products or materials that are difficult to process.

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