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Industry Focused Products


Automatic washing and drying devices designed and built to be installed in a pharmaceutical production area, in the field of cleaning  requirements, TAIM’s washing systems are specifically designed and are therefore very attractive in its realization and are applied to perform the cleaning of Bins, drums and various accessories used in the pharmaceutical departments to wash and dry internal and external surfaces of the same.


The planetary mixer TAIM, of the serie TD_Turbo, is conceived and realized with a cGMP compliant design to process liquid and creamy products, such as f.e. suppositories, mud products, creamy pastes.


The TAIM range of machines dedicated to biotechnology includes reactors, fermenters and post fermenters. The production line ranges from 2 liter fermenters to complete 30.000 liter turnkey plants.

oral liquids

TAIM designs and implements innovative systems including dissolvers, reactors, mixers and  homogenizers, both stand alone and complete preparation rooms. We are always looking for solutions that meet the customer’s process needs, supporting it from the first project phases and studying the right solutions according to the use of the machine.

oral solids

For all types of process needs for the granulation, mixing and handling of powders or granules, TAIM developped a full line with its High Shear Mixer, Milling & Calibration devices and the Fluid Bed Dryer and Granulator, Tumbler, V Blender, IBC and lifting columns, sifting sieves and pneumatical transport. Also TAIM’s coating machine, conceived for coating of tablets in laboratory or large scale industrial execution, and its Ribbon Mixer with the double screw concept implements TAIM’s machinery range.

sterile liquids

To meet the needs in the production of sterile and liquid injectable solutions, TAIM presents the sterile reactor, designed to guarantee perfect sanitation of the equipment through an automatic cleaning cycle (CIP) followed by a sterilization (SIP), both stand alone and complete preparation rooms. 

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