TAIM Process Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industry


The TAIM range of machines dedicated to biotechnology includes reactors, fermenters and post fermenters. The production line ranges from 2 liter fermenters to complete 30.000 liter turnkey plants. The turnkey plant created by TAIM provides inoculation fermenters, batch and fed-batch fermentation that are fully washable and can be sterilized in place (CIP-SIP).

They are entirely made of 316L or Hastelloy, equipped with tandem membrane valves to obtain the real zero dead leg also on all the inlet and outlet pipings. the ventilation system provides for filtration at the inlet and outlet, with any condenser falling and final heating of the exhausted gas containing the non condensable.

The controls that can be done on TAIM’s fermentation systems are all customizable according to the process, starting from the classic oxygen and CO2 controls both in the gas phase at the exit of the fermenter and dissolved in the liquid, using optical instruments, up to the delicate controls of cell growth (viable cells). To guarantee the sterility of both the fermentation vessels and all the piping, our systems have a temperature sensor for each low and cold point that continuously records the temperature value during sterilization.

The control system is the SCADA TAIM system with the possibility of managing the entire system, saving, editing and executing recipes, in compliance with the highest CFR21 part 11 standards and data integrity.