TAIM Process Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industry


TMILL - Milling & Calibration

Construction Features

The main groups that characterize the machine are:
  • Machine body
  • Discharge hopper
  • Gear equipped with inverter
  • Loading hopper
  • Bearing structure
  • Protective casing
  • Control panel with start command and emergency button

The equipment consists of a grinding chamber, the product enters from above and exits from below. At the front there is an inspection hatch to allow disassembly of the rotor. The granulation bar rotor and the basket will be installed inside the equipment. 

The granulator is equipped with a motor, controlled by a Start and a Stop button, as well as a potentiometer to vary the speed (and therefore the flow rate) and an emergency stop button.

TMILL TAIM offers the possibility of continuously adjusting the grinding speed during operation. The grinding chamber and the discharge hopper are made in a single block with completely smooth internal surfaces that facilitate the unloading of the product. The integral gaskets allow a high level of containment as well as the use of WIP and SIP systems.

The oscillating motion of the rotor of the oscillating mill, the rotation drive in the other executions, as well as the the low peripheral speed and the constant power combined with the wide surface of the net, allow to calibrate the product in a delicate and uniform way.

The TMILL serie is divided into three different types, the oscillating mill, the rotating knife mill and the rotating basket mill.


The TMILL TAIM series’ oscillating mill is particularly suitable for processing both wet and thermo sensitive dry products or materials that are difficult to process. It is able to grind and sift dry and wet granules in pharmaceutical processes.

The system can be equipped with a skid made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with a satin finish, able to house the mill and the related accessories.

Operating features

The operating principle of the TAIM crushers in stainless steel guarantees the grinding and con- sequent granulometric homogenization through the action of relative movement between a rotor and a stator, in compliance with the cGMP and FDA regulations.

The stator is presented as a single compo- nent, able to be easily disassembled and easily subjected to cleaning operations.

The speed of the rotor, as well as the baskets, the chemical-physical characteristics of the product, the access area and the total surface of the sta- tor orifices determine the grinding flow rate.

Rotor rotation occurs by means of a three-phase electric motor. The rotor speed can be changed via the electronic variator.

In order to optimize the machine, a loading hop- per is supplied, directly connected to the product entrance of the crusher. To optimize the unloa- ding phase, the product outlet will be shaped in such a way as to be able to directly receive the container within which to unload the product.

Electric Cabinet and Control Panel

The electrical cabinet, with IP56 protection, allocates all the electrical units, such as relays, contactors, thermal motor protections and all the components necessary for the proper functioning of the oscillating mill.

From the control panel it is possible to have full control of the machine’s functions, specifically:

  • Operation check
  • Start / Stop
  • Speed settings
  • Viewing the status of the machine: alarms and lights


Interchangeable sieve and basket

The mill is supplied with a light sieve to be defined during the execution phase. In any case the sieves and the baskets are easily interchangeable, therefore more nets can be purchased with different wire size and light, depending on specific needs, as also different baskets.

Custom made execution

All the accessories necessary for a correct operation of the crushing and calibration process can be studied and integrated, such as for example a dust collection system which is released during the grinding process, composed of an aspirator, flexible hose and suction toroid, or even a vibrating sieve with pump, etc.

The accurate finish, both external and internal, and the preservation of an artisan spirit in the accuracy of its realization makes TMILL unique in its version.


There is the possibility of installing a proprietary server that allows TAIM technicians to connect to the system at any time with the Customer’s authorization.

The system is always ready for remote assistan- ce through a SIEMENS SCALANCE router that connects to one of the dedicated TAIM Linux 24h servers. It is therefore sufficient to have an Internet connection on the system to be able to intervene in case of need.

Solid Orals Sector


The central part of the machine is formed of the granulate container with a conical shape. In its interior it contains the product to be dehydrated.

THSM is available both in the laboratory version with a capacity of 20 liters and in versions up to 250 liters, THSM it is a real jewel all in one.

TCoater conceived for coating of tablets, is a complete functional unit consisting of a processing unit, an air treatment unit.

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