TAIM Process Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industry


TD - Planetay Mixer - Emulsifier

Construction Features

  • Product chamber in AISI 316L
  • Thermoregulation jacket enveloping the whole planing and the bottom
  • Insulation jacket with rock woll in AISI304 external welded to the shell
  • Slow stirring system from the top to blades
  • Bottom micronizer
  • Lower and upper toro-spherical deci normal bottom
  • Automated upper floor lifting system
  • Capacity: from 30 to up 10.000 liters
  • Operating pressure: F.V. – 16 bar
  • Also available in the Ex version for Atex classified environments
Stirring Particular attention is paid to the implementation of the stirring system depending on the type of process and the characteristics of the product to be treated. In particular, the TD is equipped with a slow top stirring unit from 0 to 150 rpm and a micronizer / emulsifier on the bottom from 0 to 3000 rpm. All stainless steel parts of stirrer are designed and manufactured directly by TAIM. The upper stirring unit can be designed and customized according to the type of process and product used by the Customer, below are some examples of executions already carried out:
  • Planetary agitation, composed by a slow peripheral agitator with scrapers, ensuring a counter-rotating in planetary central motion.
  • Agitation with anchor on the bottom and inter mediate four-blade propellers.
  • Still shaking with fixed breakwaters mounted on the upper bottom of the truboemulsor, also available with PTFE wall scraper.


TAIM designs and builds turbo emulsifiers, both stand alone and complete systems. The TD series turbo emulsifier is designed and manufactured for the treatment of liquid and creamy products, with medium and high viscosity, for example syrups based on honey, creams, creamy pastes and gels.

Depending on the specific needs and considering the volume of the mixers, the machine can be designed as a stand-alone unit or on a special support skid even with several units. The design and construction in full compliance with the FDA and cGMP standards allow the TD to be used also as a sterilizer of pharmaceutical products.


The planetary mixer TAIM, of the serie TD Turbo, is conceived and realized with a cGMP compliant design to process liquid and creamy products, such as f.e. suppositories, mud products, creamy pastes.

The planetary mixer can have an ATEX execution and it is designed according to all detailed specific needs of the Customer


The mixing tank is equipped with a cylindrical body, upper and lower semielliptical bottom and has a thermoregulation jacket with insulation and external welded cover in stainless steel of the “tank in tank” type, if needed.

According to the specific demands and considering the mixers’ volume, the machine can be conceived as a stand-alone unit, or be integrated in

a skid-designing. For heigt reasons, an operating platform can be built around the mixer, assuring an  all around easy access in complete safety.

Slow and fast mixing

The creams are obtained by a double action of slow and fast mixing.

TD Turbo is completed with a planetary agitation, composed by a slow peripheral agitator with scrapers, ensuring a counter-rotating in planetary central motion, with adjustable speed. A cen- tral shaft with two axial flow blades at one height and two axial flow blades at a second height, with adjustable speed.

A lower turbo emulsifying group, made up of a turbine stator and rotor, installed on the bot- tom of the mixer, ensures the product is rapidly homogenized.

Command specification HMI

The panel control is realized through a practical touch color panel of 15”; the panel is equipped with:

  • Processor intel i3
  • Display with color touch technology of 15”
  • Hard disk 256Gb
  • Windows 7 Embedded with Windows® license

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