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TFDB - Fluid Bed Dryer & Granulator

Construction Features

The central part of the machine is formed of the granulate container with a conical shape. In its interior it contains the product to be dehydrated. The specific shape ensures that the air from the bottom, extending upwards, creates uniform vortices of product to be dehydrated, and a turbulent motion without stagnations.

In the lower part, the discharge valve is present. It is automatic and it is an embedded (flush) to avoid dead spots of the product. The valve is connected successively to the dedicated pneumatic device for discharging.

The specific design of the fluid bed dryer allows an easy acces to all machine parts. The integrated CIP, the sealing system and the particular attention for every detail assures to have an equipment easy to clean. 

The machine’s body is equipped with a supporting structure to which are connected: inlet air connection, bowl for gra- nulated product, a cilindrical body, a connection for the outlet of exhausted air.

The machine is designed with an appropriate control system, completed with all devices and instruments necessary to assure a continuous functioning and control: filter group, exit exhausted air, by-pass with tubes in steel including valves able to perform a partial bypass of air, air input handling unit, air output handling unit and fan, electrical cabinet, power panel, control panel, pneumatic panel. The granule properties (size, density, porosity) are controlled over a wide range by setting different processing parameters.


TFBD is a granulator and fluid bed dryer. The system is designed to perform the operations of drying, granulating/agglomerating, in a bottom and top-spray pharmaceutical and related processes.

The installation is characterized by CE-PED conformity. Even more, the possibility of a potentially explosive atmosphere at the inside of the machine requests an ATEX designing and realization, entering in the PED directive for pressure equipment. In requests an ATEX designing and realization, entering in the PED directive for pressure equipment.


The gentle drying process is contained at the inside of TFBD’s body, upstream isolated by a battery of filters equipped with an appropriated shaking system.

Fluid bed drying is an especially effective way of drying solids. During fluidization, all possible liquid is withdrawn from the entire surface of every single particle. The machine assures an excellent heatexchange and therefore an ideal drying time.


With the addition of a spraying nozzle, the dryer becomes a granulator. Fluid bed granulators are known for their superior homogeneity.

The process of agglomeration creates granulates from powder using liquid bridges. The sprayed liquid can be water or an organic solvent, a powder dissolved in solution or another binder. The moist granulates are dried and, if necessary, cooled.

Single pot execution

TAIM’s execution optionals also the insertion of a bottom and tangential spraying system, transforming the system in a single pot execution.

12 bar pressure-shock resistance

The TFBD series provide the highest level of explosion containment. 12 bar pressure shock resistance is a leading design that makes it possible to process without pressure relief, ideal for total containment.

Spraying system

The nozzle is of upmost importance to granulation processes. The superior design and optimum spray pattern performance guarantees easy handling and cleanability. The single arm nozzle uses a binary operating principle and can therefore be adjusted ideally for each granulation process.

Filtering systems

In the inner part of the cylindrical body, in the uppermost end, a group of particular Stainless Steel filters is installed which only allow the discharge of air and withhold process powders. The group of filters is equipped with an automatic blow device which blows constantly and alternately the filters in back pressure, so a constant transition by preventing obstructions is guaranteed. In addition, the presence of differential pressure transducers, placed at the top and bottom of the filters to constantly monitor the pressure drop and thus the normal functioning or the presence of possible defects or deviations / obstructions of the filters is even so assured.

Whether utilizing the single-chamber or the twinchamber principle, a bag-shake or pulse blowback filter, bags or cartridges, fabric or metal materials of construction, each filter system has its specific advantages and is recommended and supplied by TAIM in accordance with the individual product and the process to be carried out.

Airprocessing Inlet air conditioning

The inlet air is prefiltered and heated by means of a face and bypass system and then fine-filtered. From this filtering stage onwards, stainless steel filters for all parts that come into contact with process air are installed.

Exhaust air conditioning

The exhaust air is filtered in the machine’s upper end. To meet special requirements for exhaust air purity or for safety reasons, final dedusters are incorporated with automatic dedusting and/or HEPA filters.

Functionning & Process monitoring

The TFBD’s software is conceived according the FDA CFR 21, part 11 regulations in a parametric, simple and intuitive application with GAMP guidelines, implemented with a SCADA functionality including process graphics with industrial standards. All the accessories necessary for correct operation can be studied and integrated, so that each project is modeled according to the application and process requirements requested by the Customer.


There is the possibility of installing a proprietary server that allows TAIM technicians to connect to the system at any time with the Customer’s authorization.

The system is always ready for remote assistance through a SIEMENS SCALANCE router that connects to one of the dedicated TAIM Linux 24h servers. It is therefore sufficient to have an Internet connection on the system to be able to intervene in case of need.

Solid Orals Sector


TCoater conceived for coating of tablets, is a complete functional unit consisting of a processing unit, an air treatment unit.

THSM is available both in the laboratory version with a capacity of 20 liters and in versions up to 250 liters, THSM it is a real jewel all in one.

The TMILL TAIM series’ oscillating mill is particularly suitable for processing both wet and thermo sensitive dry products or materials that are difficult to process.

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