TAIM Process Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industry


TCIP - Cleaning in Place Station

Construction Features

The TCIP has been designed to wash any process machine automatically in accordance with standards 3A and of GMP guidelines and can be applied both in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biomedical and food industries.

TCIP  LP (Low Pressure Washing)

  • Tanks in Aisi 316 L with mirror polished interior finish with roughness  Ra<0.3 µm 
  • Tanks with capacity from 200 up to 5000 liters 
  • (two or three according to the requirements)
  • Support skid in Aisi 304
  • Balance for automatic detergets dosing
  • Sanitary centrifugal delivery pump  
  • Stainless heat exchanger to heat the washing water
  • Conductivity sensor
  • Set of valves and piping for automatic wash management

On the washing skid there is an electrical panel for local cleaning management and to collect all the sensors present. This panel is put into communication with the PLC of item to be washed.

Washing recipes are defined within the PC – PLC of CIP and can be easily recalled by the operator and launch, also programming them on a deferred basis. 

TCIP HP (High Pressure Washing)

The TCIP HP is also available in the HP version  (High pressure), is particularly suitable for washing fluid-bed dryer granulation or for tanks where very viscous or particularly encrusting solutions are used, in fact the TCIP HP is able to wash up to a pressure of 90 bar.


The CIP system are they are the ideal solution for cleaning your process machines to remove residues from previous processes,  the CIP station of TAIM it is the ideal solution in terms of efficiency, practicality and innovation thanks to its concept.

Iindeed the TCIP  it is made entirely on skid, both in the version with two tanks and in the version with three tanks, this allows a reduction of the overall dimensions and above all a simplified management in terms of possible maintenance

Specification Supervision Software 

The supervision system is the Hyperview developed of TAIM in complete harmony with the highest pharmaceutical standards and specifically it is certified FDA approved and CFR21 Part 11.

The PLC is programmed via the Siemens TIA 

Portal. Programming is performed directly by qualified and experienced personnel TAIM.

From the control panel it is possible to control all the equipment; the structure complies with the TAIM standard for process machines, or with a principal page in wich it‘s present the synoptic of system and starting from which the status of the whole system is visible, the status of all the sensors, the equipment and the devices.

Conduction can be performed in the following ways:

  • Manual
  • Semiautomatic
  • Automatic with recipe

and the management in the different modes is a function of the assigned password level.

Command specification HMI

The panel control is realized through a practical touch color panel of 15”; the panel is equipped with:

  • Processor intel i3
  • Display with color touch technology of 15”
  • Hard disk 256Gb
  • Windows 7 Embedded with Windows® license
Cleaning Sector


The TWS is true washing cabin comes in a “through the wall design”, in order to create a hermetic division between production area and clean area on the opposite site.

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